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Make up from the inside

My approach to life and beauty is about constant evolution.  Caroline Myss, a favorite teacher of mine, is known for saying “I don’t strive for perfection, I ... Read More...Lee mas

Tricks To Look Thinner

What woman has never put a belt, girdle or band in life? They are uncomfortable, you sweat and get itchy. whether any brand, but as people say:  everything... Read More...Lee mas

Beauty Emergency Bag

Soy de las que siempre llevo en mi cartera un kit de emergencia de belleza. Así lo bauticé pues ahí tengo todo lo que necesito, a la hora de retocarme el maquil... Read More...Lee mas

Are teeth whiteners good?

LEER EN ESPAÑOL Have you ever used teeth whiteners? Today we will find out whether those products and treatments to whiten our teeth actually work or if they... Read More...Lee mas