I think that when you are 30 years old,  you’re still young, even some say that the 30s are the new 20s. However, there are ten inevitable things you’ll notice at 30’s!

  1. Anti-wrinkle creams will become a must-have item for your personal care. Although not want to accept it, they start to appear on your face a few small lines that will try immediately clear, anti-wrinkle creams tend to favor us enough. These are inevitable things but they really help a lot.
  2. Your friends are married, engaged or with children, creating great anxiety if you don’t have a steady partner. Part of those inevitable things in life, but don’t worry, if you’re still single or married, your time will come for what you want.
  3. As your friends already have children, it will be very difficult to get to a party where there is not at least one baby.
  4. When you feel like dancing, you can only do at weddings or celebrations of work. You get tired of doing it all night and you’ll regret not having brought a more comfortable pair of shoes. Undoubtedly inevitable things.
  5. You know that if it’s past 8:30pm and you’re not away from home, you’re not going out anymore. This is how you begin to be happy for not having plans on a Saturday night.
  6. Your group of friends will be reduced, forget those big groups of 12 friends that you used to go out on a night. It’s likely that many are busy, and you’ll just going to stay with two or three of them.
  7. You’ll be glad when you ask for your identity card, if after thirty they don’t believe your age and need to see your ID, you will be so glad that you want to hug whoever asks.
  8. Your shopping days will change, those days where you spend hours in a clothing store will no longer be fun rather have more fun when buying appliances or objects for your home.
  9. You won’t know what the word “easy” means. You’ll have to work hard to get the things you want, from a car to the bag you saw at the mall.
  10. Finally and probably the most terrible of all: your hair will gray! Although now you can dye your hair as you want, this means you are getting older and still have not reached 40. Of those inevitable things but also scary.