Are you ready for the 4th of July? Today, 
I wanna give you 3 easy refreshing recipes so you can enjoy with friend and family!

Lemon Granizado (Iced drink) – Spanish Drink. 

Lemon is ideal for fighting high blood pressure because it contains high levels of potassium and a low sodium content. So you are getting a drink that it´s not only great to celebrate the 4th of July, it also has many benefits for your health!


  • 4 large, juicy lemons
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
  • Cold water


  • Grate a little zest from a lemons and squeeze them all.
  • Incorporate the juice and zest, sugar and cold water for an intensely flavored lemonade.
  • Pour into an ice bucket. Place in the freezer until it has consistency of slush.
  • Divide into glasses and serve with fresh Canita and long-handled spoon. Done.

Tea Granizado (Iced Tea)

I love to use green tea for this one! Actually… there are 3000 varieties of tea and they all come from the plant Camellia sinensis evergreen.

Some properties of this drink are: anti-oxidant action, dental protection and anti-bacterial action, Vitamin B complex helps metabolize carbohydrates and lower blood sugar levels, so it is suitable for diabetics.


  • 50 g of sugar
  • 8 ml water


First, put water to boil in a saucepan. When it starts boiling add the sugar, dissolve it well and remove from heat. Add the tea bags, cover and let stand half an hour.

Put the liquid into a bucket and freeze it. When done, grind the cubes and make the splash and serve immediately.

Fruit Mix Frappé

One or two cups of tea a day, help sleep and may also have antispasmodic effects. It is also recommended for intestinal or bronchial spasms of nervous origin, as well as for menstrual cramps.

For this iced drink  I use strawberries, their properties act to safeguard the heart of potential risks and also has an antiinflammatory effect that is great for people with muscle problems.


  • 1/2 L yogurt
  • Strawberry pulp
  • Frozen passion fruit
  • Sugar to taste


Blend the yogurt with half the contents of each pulp and sugar, until they are completely hail and serve!