“Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.”

I do love keeping things simple.

Why? One simple reason and one the most important ones for me is that simplicity reduces the heaviness in life. It makes it lighter.

3 Habits that will make your life lighter

This is why today I want to share some simple tips that will help you start your day and week on the right foot!

  1. Stop trying to do things perfectly. Go for good enough instead and when you are there you are done. Get things all the way to done this way and then move on to the next thing. Setting this more human bar for yourself not only leads to more things actually being finished but also helps with keeping your self-esteem on a healthy level. Perfectionism makes it pretty impossible to find or maintain balanced self-esteem.
  2. Eat slower. Make your lunch time a time of relaxation rather than a time to just add to the stress of your morning. One thing that works well to slow down when eating is to put down the fork between bites.
  3. Enjoy the simple pleasures. A pear. Fresh and clean bed sheets. A hug and kiss. Holding hands. A laugh with friends. The sun and blossoming nature after a long and cold winter.