When it comes to summer, there are a lot of things that come to our minds, beach, sun, heat, cold drinks… But there is an issue… to have cold drinks we need ice, when they melt they ruin our drinks! I present you the ultimate solution. The new trend in drinks is flavored ice!

As its name makes it evident, they are not only made of water, but with whatever you want: juice, fruits, even flowers! These are some recipes to make some of these delicious ice.

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I like to divide this ice into 4 categories: Fruit, Sweet, Strong, Decorative.


Ice made out of juice or nectar; perfect for cocktails.

  • Peach nectar ice: perfect to be added to a Prosecco cup or to a glass of vodka.
  • Apple juice ice: If added to a cup or red or white wine with pieces of fruit you can easily get a sangria.
  • Coconut water ice: if served with mango nectar and a little vodka, you will have a delicious sweet cocktail, as sweet as summer. If you are looking out for something stronger just use rum, a classic in the rocks with a touch of outstanding flavor.


Personally, my favorite, perfect partners for those sundays of netflix and chill.

  • Chocolate milk ice:  and enjoy a delicious luxurious coffee with a sweet touch.
  • Whipped cream ice: By adding some of this to a chocolate milk you will get the summery version of a classic hot chocolate.

Strong flavors

This ice is able to totally change the flavor of drink. Watch the measures!

  • Pure lemon nectar ice: Name says it all, they are perfect for a soda, carbonated water, or if you are in a good mood, a glass of vodka with a lot of ice; or rum with coca cola to get a “Cuba Libre”.
  • Coffee ice: This is ideal for one of the most famous trends of the last years, iced coffee. It goes perfectly with everything from an iced caramel latte,a frappuccino, or iced latte.


They don’t affect the flavor, but make it look unique!

  • Flowered ice: Freeze edible flowers, such as orchids, snapdragons; and other flowers that are edible with no chemical product. This ice looks beautiful in cocktails and provide that summer spirit we are all looking for.
  • Glitter ice: made with edible glitter, they are suitable for milkshakes and juice for children, a super creative idea your children will absolutely love.

Now that you know this trend, why don’t you try it? They are great to please you, please your family, or to make some outstanding drinks for a pool party. And the best of it is that it won’t ruin nor your drink nor your party!

Anna Cavalieri Chicanol