Ice becomes an ally when hot comes. Not only does it cool your drinks but also keeps your body and your food fresh and it can even refresh your skin.  It doesn’t matter how you use it, you know you need it. And you have probably been doing it wrong all this time!

Automatic ice makers are the reason why your fridge consumes so much energy. If you don’t have this device, or you can just do without, you have probably prepared you cubes using those square shaped coolers that you abandoned in the freezer for hours. It is horrible to wait so much when you need it so desperately!

Imagine you have guest at home, they start slowly killing your ice. It is NOT always an option to go and buy some more, so you need to make it at home. Take your coolers out, fill them with water and throw them in the freezer! How long does it take?

To reduce drastically the process’ time is quite simple and can be done with this fantastic natural advice.

Apparently we have been doing it wrong all this time: we think that filling the coolers up with cold water would make the process faster. That isn’t true!!

The secret to freeze your ice cubes faster is to use hot water. Yeah, that’s right… HOT water! The phenomenon is known as Mpemba effect, discovered in Tanzania in 1969, when it was proved that hot water boils faster and reduces the freezing time. Another reason why hot water is the solution is that it doesn’t create frost, as cold water does. Whenever we freeze cold water this creates frost that works as an aislant and delays the freezing process.

Try it at home! Fill a cooler with hot water and another with cold water, put them in the fridge and see which one is ready first.