What woman has never put a belt, girdle or band in life?

They are uncomfortable, you sweat and get itchy. whether any brand, but as people say:  everything for the beauty. Before advise you to wearing tight girdles, here are five simple tips that will help to conceal your weight.

Of course, the best for you will be to eat better, luckily, my blog is full of those topics.

Wear a single color

If it’s a single color it’s even better. It it’s a one color dress it will make you look slender and thinner. Two pieces of two different colors won’t really help you so much. If you wear stripes, try them to be vertical ones, NEVER horizontal ones.

Try to complement with big accessories

This will surprise many, but really work! A big handbag, big glasses, big watches, belts with a “V” cut… all of these accessories do help to look thinner. Try it and see how it works for you!

Long unadjusted shirts

This is more conventional and you might actually know this. Pick a color which matches your skin color, and put on a nice long shirt.

Hide your chest

Another trick is to use bra’s which hide your real chest size. This will also help you lower some kilos, especially from the upper part of your body.

Hide our derriere.

Yes, our rear creates many issues. Don’t wear adjusted clothing which stick to your body. Avoid wearing tight pants, better wear tight skirts. A trick which helps you hide your rear is to wear underwear which is specially designed to hide the size of your rear and hips.

These are some tricks you can use to look thinner. Remember, it’s always important to feel good, eat well, and make exercise, and always smile.