Do you think heels without pain are impossible to find? Think again.

Heels are part of the a womans life. We use them for work, going out, parties, some meetings, to look more stylish, extending our height and feel more feminine.
I love wearing them but I hate the sore feet the next day.That’s why heels are a painful pleasure!

Our feet were not designed for walking on heels, that’s why we leave blisters, friction and often swell when walking on high heels. Today I want to give you six tips to leave behind the suffering and enjoy your heels to the fullest.

  • Use anti-friction pads: The heel and the toes are usually the parts that suffer the most from friction. Place a small patch to protect your skin from friction. Goodbye blisters
  • Expand your heels: if your feet swell very quickly it may be that your shoes are too narrow. Place plastic bags full of water inside your shoes, waiting to freeze and then uses your shoes expanded.
  • Templates for toes: You can find them in almost every market in the world, and are excellent to prevent blisters in the forefoot. These templates are some kind of mattresses that relieve foot pressure caused by the weight of our body.
  • Choose well your shoes: It is likely to fall for the most uncomfortable shoes in the world. But don’t be tempted to waste your money! It’s important to know the type of shoe that is best suited to your foot shape, strength and comfort. Always try to keep the heel platforms and support your weight.
  • The higher the worst: Not only you will walk like a newborn fawn, but will deform your feet. The pain always comes down to the curvature to which your foot is exposed. A less high, less pain.
  • Stability is everything: shoes that give you security, will be much more comfortable than the ones where you feel you’re about to fall. This will relax your foot, instead of squeezing and moving inside your shoe to prevent you from falling.

If you still suffer from these feet pains, it’s because you love your shoes more than your feet. A quick remedy for pain is to relax your feet in warm water with rose petals, keep them hydrated and constantly massaging them.