Imagine, you’re in bed and  you are passing your boyfriend’s foot on his calf and  suddenly the face looking at you …. what would be these scratching the skin!.

The calluses on the heels are very common in women especially if we use sandals.

Options for calluses:

It is so horrible to have heels, it seems like we do not worry about them, even so much dryness can produce you cut that hurt a lot, so choose an option that fits over your budget.

5 Natural remedies for calluses in heels

1. Almond oil, you can buy it at the pharmacy . You apply it with a cotton pad on your feet, then you massage  well with your hands.
Almond oil may take no more than one week to soften your feet. One of the greatest remedies for calluses.

2. Put a moisturizer on your feet with socks before sleeps to protect them from dryness. On weekends consents your feet, put them in warm water and salt for feet.

3. Go to the Podiatrist, he/she removes calluses within half an hour, gives the recipe in case you need creams for fungal problems and there is  no need to return for at least another six months.

4. Make this recipe:

Peppermint Tea, Lemon, Sea salt, pumice stone, olive oil, cotton socks.

Put your feet in a bowl with an infusion of mint tea for 10 minutes.

Cut half a lemon and apply a little salt, pass it through your heels to exfoliate them.

Rinse your feet, remember to dry with a towel and apply  the olive oil and then your socks. If you need natural remedies for calluses, this one works really good.

5. If the calluses is difficult to remove, cut an onion in the middle, and apply salt.
Let stand for 8 hours and then applied to the heel off the juice. That will help you to remove the calluses.