Have you ever heard about sound therapy? It’s amazing how we can heal through unconventional non-invasive therapies. Sound therapy is part of unconventional medicine, and its futuristic methods are used to eliminate ailments.

You may wonder how this sound therapy works, and the answer is simple. The session is a stimulating sound massage, where metal instruments called Tibetan bowls and quartz bowls are used. The sound of them produces a healing harmony of nature.

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Imagine sitting with your eyes closed and your mind focused solely on the sound produced by the therapist with the bowls. These bowls were created in ancient times to raise awareness and cure both physical and mental illnesses, align the mind and body.

Tibetan bowls are made of an alloy of seven metals: gold, silver, mercury, tin, lead, copper and iron and forged by hand.

What may sound therapy help you with?

  • Sound therapy provides deep relaxation and meditation that relaxes the body and stabilizes emotions.
  • It’s a great therapy to balance the chakras and move from an altered state of anxiety and stress to a state of peace and serenity.
  • People who try sound therapy experience greater mental clarity, increased creativity, better concentration and sense of productivity.
  • Physically, sound therapy can cure diseases with energy alignments in the body. (Read more here about the tensergetic method )
  • Eliminates inflammation by states of anxiety, depression, hyperactivity and insomnia.
  • It makes biological systems function more homeostasis. It has effects on the emotional level that affects the neurotransmitters that help regulate body systems.