As spring arrives, so does the exposure to environmental pollutants. Using sprays, dry shampoos, texturizing products and UV protective sprays can dry the scalp and accumulate in the hair eventually.

So I though yo myself, Hey! this is the perfect time for a deep hair exfoliation!

Remember this next time you go to the supermarket and grab some sugar and almond oil (which can also serve for some great recipes). Your scalp will thank you for getting rid of those dead cells to make way for a renewal.

Hair exfoliation steps:

  1. Beat your hair gently. Take a lock of hair of 3 cm (inch and a half) and using a flat brush tease the hair up. This will open the cuticles slightly so that treatment can penetrate better.
  2. Apply an exfoliating treatment to the scalp and brush it all in. I recommend you do a mixture of brown sugar and almond oil. You can play with proportions and ingredients for example coffee with coconut oil or oatmeat with olive oil.
  3. Brush the hair forward from the top of your head. Press the bristles against your scalp to help loosen dead skin cells. This will also facilitate the absorption of treatment.
  4. Rinse well as you normally would.

I recommend you do this hair exfoliation twice a month. Overdoing it can irritate your scalp if you have sensitive skin. You can do a hair mask after rinsing for better results!

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