Has your skin ever irritated after shaving? You must be aware that our skin undergoes aggressive peels when shaving, no matter what surface it is, and you should consider the following steps to keep the skin smooth and healthy.

Follow these simple tips before and after shaving for best results, skin smoother and much healthier.

Tips to protect your skin before and after shaving

Before Shaving

  1. Gently clean your skin area with soap and water
  2. Exfoliate the area with a gentle exfoliator like sugar and/or coffee to remove surface impurities.

After shaving

  1. Place a cold, damp cloth on the skin after shaving to reduce irritation that may have caused the shaver.
  2. Apply an anti-inflammatory moisturizer, to refine your pores, blurring the lines, and soften your skin. You can apply aloe vera homemade creams that moisturize the skin (especially if in the legs). You can also place coconut oil to nourish and condition your skin naturally.
  3. Apply sunscreen. If you’re shaving your legs, underarms or face to expose soon you should apply moisturizing sunscreen to protect your skin is sensitive to shaving moments later.

To take into account:

Your shaver should be in good condition, and you should be aware that your health depends on the life of your razor. Want to know how to keep longer the life of your shaver? Click here.

So now you know, if you want to protect your skin before and after shaving, follow these steps!