Let’s be honest … Women who shave  know that the shavers are our friends-enemies when it comes the time to work in our beauty routine.

Hair in the most undesired places makes us to spend a lot of time constantly shaving our legs, armpits, and even pubic hair. And we love that smooth and shiny legs feeling… But everything comes with a price.

Shavers are accessories that must be disposed monthly because they constantly oxidize, which can be counterproductive to our health. Today I want to give you some simple tips to make your shavers to last longer, saving money and caring for the planet.

Ideas for your shavers to last longer

  1. Trim hairs: If you have very long hairs, they will tangle and clog the razor blades. Use conditioner in the areas, and if you must cut with scissors, do it before passing the shaver.
  2. Prepare your skin well: Exfoliate your skin to remove dead skin cells and oils used for shaving. This reduces the pressure on the razor blade, extending the life of the shaver.
  3. Clean your shavers. If you use shaving creams, they can damage the leaves and weaken the coating, facilitating oxidation.
  4. Keep them in a cool, dry place: Definitely the shower is not the best place to store them. Dry your shaver after use.