Talking to yourself is an activity that almost nobody likes to do, of course, we’re not crazy someone would say, but in reality is just crazy talk? Let’s see what this is about.

Psychologists from the Universities of Wisconsin-Madison and Pennsylvania conducted a simple experiment with 20 volunteers who were asked to find different objects in a room.

Half of the participants were asked to perform the task in silence, while the other half could do it without any restrictions.

The results were conclusive

Talking to yourself can be beneficial for your brain

People who spoke up and repeated the name of the object while performing the task achieved the target in less time than the others. In other words, if you are talking to yourself, you’re most likely to get things done in a better way or faster.

If we know how an object is, repeating his name loud helps our brain to reactivate this visual information, and that facilitates the search,” explain the authors.

In this way, the language could stimulate perception, making the individual focus its attention on the task to perform  and help the brain to find the right solution.

So now you know, talking to yourself has some benefits beyond it seems like you lost the papers … exercise your brain and begins to have a super-mind!