Together, we’ll go through the pros and cons of a recently trending skincare method: face oils. Hold on. We know you very well may be thinking ͞But it’s oil! I’m trying to make my face LESS oily!͟

And, while that’s a totally valid concern to have, there are many reasons using various types of oil as a skin care method can be extremely beneficial to all types of skin. Here are a few key strengths that show how good oils can really be for your face.

There are lots of great resources scattered across the web, like https://hhbeauty.com, but even with these helpful, honest sites, it can be overwhelming to figure out what must do health and beauty trends are right for you personally. This is especially true when it comes to skincare because everyone’s skin is unique and has different needs. Worry not!

remedios naturales acné face oilsA fancy word gets tossed around when talking about using oils for skincare. That word is: lipophilic.

And while this sounds like an intense science-y term, it really just means that oils can penetrate skin and help seal in moisture while expelling and shielding toxins from the skin. Because of this incredible natural regulating component, oils are a great way to protect skin from nature’s harsher elements, like extreme cold or wind.

Certain oils even have strengthening properties that enhance your skin’s protective barrier, which is incredibly beneficial against pollution in large urban areas.

Try using argan oil or pomegranate seed oil to shield your skin against damaging free radicals or rich hemp seed oil for chapped, winter skin. 

Even better, there is pretty much a variety of oil that will work with every skin type. Some of the thicker oils–such as castor oil or apricot kernel oil‒sink into the skin effortlessly and help balance out the pH of dry skin. And even folks who suffer from excessively oily skin can benefit from the moisturizing properties of lighter face oils, such as jojoba oil or antioxidant packed grapeseed oil. Jojoba, for instance, can actually fool skin into producing less oil, and therefore helps regulate oily skin without stripping it of its natural moisture.

face oilsAcne Fighting, Wrinkle Reducing Often the most alluring aspect of face oils is their innate ability to aid in the reduction of acne and blemishes, shrink pores for a more even skin tone, and even reduce the appearance of wrinkles as time wears away on skin.

For example, oils rich in carotenes and antioxidants, such as argan oil and lesser known seabuckthorn oil, nourish the skin with vitamins linked with collagen production and can shield against free radical damage.

Essential oils, like tea tree oil, have antibacterial and antimicrobial properties that make a great addition to any blemish-fighting regimen. Ultimate Verdict Overall, it’s really not dangerous or damaging at all to use oil on your skin. These natural products are a great alternative to expensive creams and lotions that often contain questionable ingredients and unnecessary fillers. With so many benefits, there is so much to gain from dabbling in various types of oils–from coconut oil to jojoba to castor–to see what variety provides the care your skin needs.

Put in a little patience and enjoy the process of discovery, and we’re sure you can find the perfect oil for your uniquely beautiful skin.