Fruit labels are sometimes ignored by most of the people when they go to the supermarkets… There are people who think that the label is just the brand or the place where it was harvested.

But actually, those labels have an important meaning.

Noticing the information on the labels of the fruit can tell you a lot about where they come from and how they were harvested. If you want to follow a healthy lifestyle, free of GMO, and organic, then this information is going to be incredibly helpful.

What is the purpose of these fruit labels?

Numbers in the labels indicate how the fruit was created and what was used to harvest it. A very important piece of information for those who think in their health!

This is what those fruit labels mean

  • Code of four digits that starts with the numbers 3 and 4: the product comes from a harvest from the second half of the 20th century and artificial fertilizers.
  • Code of five digits that starts with the number 9: it implies that the harvest was made traditionally, organically without pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Code of five digits that starts with the number 8: It is a fruit genetically modified (GMO)

Learn to decipher what you are eating with these data and buy food that is truly convenient for you. It is for your health.

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