If you’re a Pinterest fan as I am you have probably seen fruit shells as plates, this trend has been around since 2016 but now you can see it all over Instagram too; it’s beautiful but you have to do it right cause other way you would be contributing to food waste.

How to do it?

Refrigerate the fruit you want to use, when it’s cold, cut it in half and scoop out the center trying to keep the borders. With the fruit you took out you can make a smoothie and save it for later or mix it with others ingredients like Spirulina to change it color and pour it into the fruit.

Stuff it with everything you desire, it can be other fruits, granola, natural ice cream, chia, hemp seeds, even flowers.

It’s all about the fruit

I highly recommend to try this trend as breakfast because of the high content of sugar, so that you have the rest of the day to burn all these calories. Although, you can also use avocados as boats.

Sharing is caring

Usually using half papaya as a plate can be a little too much for a single person so, try this when you have a party or when you can share servings.

Play with colors

When decorating your fruit boat try using opposite colors, such as lime green with magenta, purple with yellow…


Off course after all those hard work of making a perfect fruit boat you have to share a picture of it on Instagram.