I have always admired those who wake up early and have the willpower to get dressed and go exercising. That waking up early thing was definitely not for me, until one day , coming back from Europe and taking advantage of a severe case of jet lag , I taught my body to wake up early and exercise.

Still, the people who exercise early are far more proactive and better allocate their time during the day in multiple activities.

That’s why I decided to make a step by step how we can start a morning exercise routine without it means a radical change, and is maintained as a new habit acquired. Believe me you will be surprised when you start to realize this new early training.

6 Steps to start a morning exercise routine

  1. Start one day at a time: Start with small goals because they are much easier to achieve. I recommend choosing a class pays you generate commitment and it is early in the morning (6am or 7:00 a.m.). Fulfill your classes for 4 weeks.
  2. Pay your lessons in advance: When you want to put your post-alarm, remember that you’ve already paid classes the month and not want to miss your money. Mental commitment is linked to physical commitment.
  3. Feel the change after doing morning exercise: The energy flowing is amazing! I assure you that after the routine you feel full of vitality, the day seems to perform better, you’re more concentrated, attentive and better mood.
  4. Experience how your whole day goes: Before you lost mid morning or mid afternoon exercising, and now you’ve done exercise in the early morning hours, time seems to have spread and have much more time to devote to work or a hobby.
  5. Create support groups: You can have a friend accompany you to exercise, or simply a support group that motivates you to keep doing your morning classes. The morning workout will keep you a lot of energy, and can infect your coworkers or close friends.
  6. Increase your pace: after a couple of weeks generating the habit, you should increase the amount of days to do exercises in the morning. First you start with one day, then two, then three … and grow gradually.

Did you do it? Take a reward. Have a spa day, or do an activity that you wanted to do for some time to celebrate that you have achieved your goals.

Build small goals, gradually going capitalizing and achieve your ultimate goal. Someone once told me that all you need to create a habit are 30 days followed routine. Should we do it?