After the storm passes, people say they wish they had developed a plan before the event began. After a relatively quiet weather year in the United States, your disaster preparation kit might be collecting dust.

According to UMiami Health Food and water, first aid kits, and emergency supply kits are all extremely important. You want to make sure that you include the essentials and consider potential scenarios when packing them.  Luckily, government organizations like the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and other organizations have comprehensive checklists for you to use.

Know what disasters could affect your area, how to get emergency alerts, and where you would go if you and your family need to evacuate. Check out the related links to learn what to do before, during and after each type of emergency.

Preparing for a hurricane according to UMiami health is very important.

Food safety  

Food safety is always a concern but becomes more of a focus when a natural disaster is looming. It is challenging to safely prepare meals when power is out.

Make sure perishable foods are kept cold to prevent bacterial growth leading to food-related illnesses. Here are easy things you can do now to keep your food at the right temperature longer:

  • Freeze containers of water to use in coolers or bathtubs.
  • Make sure your refrigerator is set at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or below, and your freezer at zero degrees or below.
  • Go ahead and freeze milk, fresh meat and poultry, and leftovers.
  • Group items together in your refrigerator/freezer. This will keep them cold longer.
  • For more tips, visit the USDA website.

Hopefully, you will not be out of power long, but if you are and are unsure if your food is safe, remember “when in doubt, throw it out.”

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Keep these important local emergency phone numbers on hand.

  • American Red Cross Dade: (305) 664-1200
  • Emergency Management Broward: (954) 831-3900
  • Emergency Evacuation Assistance Program: (305) 513-7700