Casabe doesn’t need to be introduced.  Those who live in Venezuela know this latino product is one of the most characteristic foods in the daily diet. This thin round-shaped cookie made out of yuca (cassava), it might seem tasteless for some people though.

Nevertheless, it is precisely that “neutro” flavor that makes it perfect suitable to almost anything. It preparation is laborious: the yuca is grated, twisted in a sebucan to extract its poisoning juice; once this is done the result is a dry flour which is cooked in a budare. Finally we have a bread made out of yuca full of good properties.

casabe de yuca venezolanaThis food’s been around for centuries and has no yeast, fat and salt free. Besides, is rich in carbohydrates which provide us with energy, in addition it contains thousands of nutrients. Among the vitamins there is vitamin A, important to improve sight; and Vitamins B and vitamin C, essential to keep our immune system working. It also has minerals such as: magnesium, calcium, potassium, and iron.

Nonetheless, what makes casabe outstanding is its amount of fiber; that is why it is important to: depurate our bodies, prevent constipation and regulates our weight (due to its satiating characteristic). At the same time it heals colics, and eases digestion. It is also rich in resveratrol, a polyphenol that reduces cholesterol levels and helps prevent cardiovascular diseases. It is used to treat uric acid and relieves joint pain.

The versatility of this food is out of sight: we can spread creams, butter or jam; it works as a side-dish of any meal. It is perfect to replace bread, differently from this casabe isn’t susceptible to mold: it can last at least eight month in perfect conditions. Eat it regularly, and gain the health benefits from a natural latino product.

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