Shampoo de Cerveza para Un Cabello HermosoOur hair, due to all the products we put to it, loses its radiance, strength and elasticity little by little, leaving a dry, opaque and frizzy hair and without volume at all. There are plenty of recipes you can do at home that will make our hair to recover its sparkle, volume and hydration.

What if I tell you that you can drink your beer and put it on your hair too?! I made a special beer shampoo for myself to enhance my hair’s radiance and volume.

Here are the ingredients for the beer shampoo:

1. Castile Soap: This can be Dr. Bronner’s lavender soap, that’s the one I like the most. If you can get it, buy the lavander one.

2. A bottle of lager beer: Pour the beer in a pot and boil it, let it cool down.

3. Add the beer to your castile soap and wash your hair focusing on the scalp, you can wash your hair daily with this shampoo.

3. Proceed to use hair conditioner with your daily rinse.