Eating an ounce of chocolate

According to studies from Yale University cocoa flavonoids help reduce blood pressure (which tends to peak at times of stress) and feel-good cause, but, that ounce has to be at least 75% pure chocolate. White chocolate, though delicious, does not have soothing properties.

Chocolate works as an antidepressive, so, let’s enjoy it!


Chocolate types:

Bitter chocolate: also known as black, or without milk, contains pure cocoa at least 34% in its composition. As this percentage increases, the better the quality of chocolate, indeed, high quality should be at least 60% cocoa. The high-quality bitter chocolates are characterized by few proportions of sugar, it is used only to improve the taste, so it should never be used in excess.

White chocolate: this kind of chocolate contains low proportions of solid cocoa, and is made ​​from cocoa butter, milk, sugar and sweeteners and flavor usually has the same intensity as that of the black. There are some manufacturers that replace cocoa butter with vegetable oils and synthetic sweeteners

Chocolate fondant: This type of chocolate is composed of 40% of cocoa paste and 40% cocoa butter. It is widely used in pastry to cover chocolates, cakes and pies.