On Earth Week we want to make it clear that to see the change we want in the world, we must first be the motor of actions contributing to positive change in our home and our planet.

The words only accumulate, the important thing here is to set an example with our ecological actions, teaching those who are around us that is possible to live in an eco-environmental, green and fully sustainable community. How can we do it? The answer is simple when we know we can recycle, reuse, reduce and lessen our impact on the environment.

Earth Week. 8 Awesome tips to be greener

Creating awareness is not about attacking lifestyles, but to educate others that it is possible to live more ecologically. Follow these tips and put your bit to make this world a better world:

  1. Turn off the light when you do not need: As you unplug electronic devices you’re not using
  2. Use the stairs more often
  3. Place low-power light bulbs or energy saving bulbs
  4. Avoid using the dryer, and test the clothes to dry at room temperature (click here to see my tips)
  5. Use as little as possible heating and air conditioners to lower utility costs
  6. Use more shower than the bathtube: And try to close the tap while soaping.
  7. Try to walk more and use less your car. Use ecological means to move as bicycles!
  8. Reuse everything you can and make recycling fun projects.

Although you might think that your contribution could be “insignificant”, believe that every drop of water counts when filling a glass. That is why we propose that you give the example of love for your planet and around you. Think of the legacy that we are leaving our descendants.