Do you remember the first time you pluck your eyebrows? I do. I felt that the person who was epilating me was leaving me with a bald brow, or I was going to end up with half cut eyebrows. When I look myself in the mirror I just prayed they would have been well … and I must say that I loved the result, I had perfect eyebrows.

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Why do we pluck our eyebrows?

Many people think that the shape of our eyebrows frames our eyes, make us look sexy, cleaner and definitely make us feel good. Although the big question is … How do you know the right way to get perfect eyebrows? Thick, finite, straight or raised eyebrows. Each type of face has a kind of ideal and perfect eyebrows.

Here are some great tips to get perfect eyebrows everytime you pluck them. Get the most out of them and you will look stunning!

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How to get perfect eyebrows?

  • Shape them: placed a pencil beside the nostril, follow the straight line passing through the eye tear to the birth of the eyebrow. From there you have to start your eyebrow. Do the same from your nose to the outer corner of the eye, there ends your eyebrow.
  • Make sure the shape highlights your face. Here I give you some pictures showing some examples:


Having perfect eyebrows is easy and possible! Take note of these little tricks, and make your eyes be the new focus of your look.