I tried this delicious english muffin bread sandwich because of my best friend who is from Argentina.

English Muffin Bread (English Muffin Bread Crumb)

english muffin bread crumbEnglish muffin bread sandwiches have their citizenship in argentina. History says that it was born on the confectionery called Ideal, located at 300 Suipacha st., where a group of English engineers gathered in the earlies 1900’s to share their homesickness.

To get a similar taste of their home breads, they asked the baker to prepare a bread similar to that what they had back home. Their wish was granted and out of the oven came “The English Bread” base of English breadcrumb sandwiches.

Nowadays, English bread is made in big bakeries or even factories as it needs bakery ovens with great capacity. It’s possible to make it at home, but it will be in smaller shapes than we the ones we know.

For this type of bread you need special box-shaped molds (like a shoebox) made of either brass or can, with a rectangular base and square lateral faces, that usually come in four shapes, small, medium, large, and extra-large, (the biggest one to contain around 22lbs of dough)

Use a cover that fits just the right size and creates an almost a watertight seal.

I didn’t even know it, but I used to make my own version at home since I don’t get time to go and buy them,  it’s very light and I add whatever I want to it.


  • A Square sprouted bread, whole wheat or grain bread.
  • 9 slices of bread
  • 12 cheese slices
  • 12 slices of ham ( If you can get a substitue of ham that’s even better)
  • 2 chopped hard boiled eggs
  • 4 sliced tomatoes
  • 100 g of chopped lettuce
  • Salt
  • Mayo (Veggie)


  1. Take two bread slices and cut the corners, add mayo.
  2. Add ham and cheese to one slice and cover it with the other slice, just like you would do a common sandwich.
  3. On top of this let’s add more mayo and keep adding sliced tomatoes, chopped lettuce, and sprinkle it with our boiled chopped eggs..
  4. Add salt to your taste and cover it with another slice of bread to which we have previously put mayo to.
  5. Wrap with a humid cloth and put on the fridge for about 10 minutes if possible.
  6. Remove and cut it in 6 serving pieces because if we don’t, they won’t dry. It’s better to leave them on the fridge right until the last minute you eat them.