Alternative therapies are becoming stronger and apparently people are interested to get back to basics and origins.

Eastern techniques tend to focus on the energy points of the body and thus arose acupuncture to treat the entire body without being seriously invasive.

The ear is similar to that of a fetus image and is said to have contact points with 25 parts of the body, plus it relates to the world of emotions.

That’s why the application of a technique of micro massage and pressure like acupuncture can improve many of the diseases we suffer.

Auriculotherapy can cure and help stimulate healing processes and organs to work properly.

Some people use it to cure migraines, lumbago, sciatica, arthritic conditions, depression, lack of appetite, insomnia, liver and digestive problems, impotence, among others. But it’s a very effective alternative therapy to improve digestion processes weight loss and reduce anxiety during the diet patches sticking small magnets in appropriate areas.

What do you think? Would you try it?