There are a set of guidelines or tips that must be taken into account when picking a level in the treadmill, both to improve the fitness level, and cardiovascular system and to burn more fat during and after exercise.

Does running on the treadmill really work?

  • Make a planning or routine: Make a simple routine on paper on how you will perform your exercises that week. Adjust it to your needs and your schedule.
  • No Excuses: don’t look for the first excuse to stop doing your training. If you were intended to do your routine and could not complete it for any reason,  look for a space of time throughout the day to do it.
  • Combine: If your level of cardio is not set up for you to start running, walk and combine fast trot a few minutes. You will be gradually holding more.
  • Intensity peaks: to burn more fat, your pace should be moderate, around 65% of your maximum heart rate, but if you put a sprint every few minutes between 30 and 60 seconds to 85% of your maximum heart rate, you will burn more fat after finishing training.
  • Series: when you already have your running level on the treadmill, you can start to put series, or changes of pace. This will improve the average speed at which you can run. You can do sets of 200m and rest 60 seconds between them and breaks 400m series 90 seconds or series of 1km and 120 seconds of rest. Source: vitonica
  • Vary the inclination: it’s a good option to buy a treadmill where you can vary the inclination of the surface, with that you will work harder on the calf muscle and will strengthen the ankles.
  • Pre and post: stretch the muscle of you lower body before beginning and at the end, and make a small warming, either walking or jogging depending on the level. At the end return to normal by gradually slowing down to stop in at least two minutes.