The condition of the nails is a reflection of what happens inside the body. To keep them in good condition, it should follow a balanced diet, rich in vitamin A and B, calcium and silicon.

We women paint our nails at least once a week. Men though they are not suffering from ingrown toenails painted and sometimes fungi.

10 Tips to have beautiful and healthy nails

Today’s our #PinkTuesday and I’m giving you 10 tips to keep healthy nails and looking good.

  1. Do not use aggressive or too laden polish remover with formaldehyde hardeners, drying our nails and are often the main cause of damage to the layers of keratin, natural protective our nails, leaving them without defense against disturbances and external aggression.
  2. The nail polish has to be rich in oily substances and contain no acetone, as it strikes the layer that protects healthy nails, dry cuticle and yellow fingers.
  3. Limit the use of nail polishes and removers.
  4. Apply moisturizers. Make it penetrate our nails through massage.
  5. If your nails show any pathology, then do not apply any beauty product. Worsen the picture.
  6. Protect your nails against alkalis and detergents using double plastic gloves lined with cotton. Chores are particularly aggressive for nails.
  7. Remove daily dirt that accumulates under your nails.
  8. Perfectly dry hands and nails after washing. The water damaged the main sheet and the cuticle, drying them out. In addition, moisture favors the development of infections.
  9. Preserve your nails from the sun and external aggressions such as extreme cold, rain and heat.
  10. Attention smokers. Tobacco is harmful to the health of your nails. Besides slow growth, a nutrition deficit to shrink blood vessels also causes unsightly alterations, such as yellowing of the same.

Follow these tips and you’ll see how your nails will start looking more beautiful and healthier!