Many people suffer from scaly nails, this occurs when a thin layer of skin, similar to fish scales fall from the nails. They’re not just a problem because those little bits of nail end up hooking on our clothes but because they can be a sign of some health issues.

Lack of hydration, continuous contact with chemicals, poor diet, stress and diseases like thyroid, may be some of the causes of scaly nails.

Depending on their origin, there are some natural tips that you can apply:

  • Include in your diet foods with calcium, vitamin A, B and D. Avoid drinking soda, tea and coffee that prevent calcium absorption.
  • Stay hydrated. Drink water, eat fruits with high water components, and moisturize your nails with creams.
  • Don’t use cheap or poor quality enamels. Try to use organic enamels without chemicals that weaken your nails.
  • Never pull on the scales. Soften with a smooth nail file to remove scale and polish the nail. This is not advisable to do very often because doing it too much can refine the nail and make it brittle.
  • Use olive oil. Pass an impregnated cotton with olive oil on your nails to seal and hydrate.