Technology products and clothing are the preferred gifts for Dad on his day, so malls and promotions have discounts already to capture customers and increase sales.

Although for some the date is a business issue, many others use the celebration of Father’s Day on Sunday 17 June, to give a gift and show affection TO THAT PERSON THAT WORK DAY BY DAY TO GIVE YOU THE BEST, to that spouse who accompanies you and helps you achieve those goals. That man, life partner of all our follies!.

1. Knowing what to give: buying gifts that meet the functional needs of the father. It is recommended to organize the family to choose the best gift.

2. Warranty: Check the warranty on what you buy. The promotional items also have it. Just think, wwatch out if you use the credit card.

3. Misleading advertising: advertising discovers that a trade is misleading when offered something and the store does not comply. You can report it to management.

4. The opportunity: the day may be an opportunity to give, for example, a medical checkup because usually people do not pay attention to their health.

5. The list: make a list of possible gifts and a budget to allow purchase an item or service that will supply those needs.

6. Receipts: retain proof of payment for any claim, since by this time increased promotions and discounts and warranties.

7. Guarantees: In some stores report that changes or the implementation of the guarantees are not valid if it comes to promotions, however, is wrong.

8. Compare: Walk and compare as this will allow you to choose the best option for dad and for your pocket.

9. Beware of prices: Some businesses can take advantage of the celebration and raise prices of favorite items to give away.

10. Prices: Do not leave the purchase to the last, If you have time that will help you do it with a suitable choice.