Vintage things are getting more “in” nowadays. We see in the street styles from the 30s / 40s imposed on fashion, and gradually the “hipster” has taken over the trends promoting a relaxed, ecological, conservative style. And now vintage frames is what’s in.

Fashions are always changing, and this is the time to seize the old things that you have in your grandma’s house, or simply were forgotten at home. Refréscalos with a new touch of color.

12 Ideas to recycle vintage frames like a pro

When it comes to decorating economic way, homemade projects are the best option. You just have to spend a little of your time, imagine what you want to do and want to capitalize on the space in your house.

The trend is in bright and pastel colors, so today I bring 12 Ideas to recycle decorative vintage frames, whether picture frames or photographs.

What do you think of these vintage frames?