The interior design market is growing, expected to reach nearly $215 billion by 2025. More people are investing in high-quality interior designs to add more value to their properties. This is thanks to the recent ramp-up in the real estate market. The sustainable home and interior trends are one of the main reasons for the market’s success.

One reason is thanks to the quaint and charming feeling that country homes give off. Another is because it’s easy to marry its design philosophy with that of sustainability. Country homes all follow three basic design pillars. If you intend to design your own country-inspired home, keep these in mind.

Simple, Practical Decor And Designs

Country-inspired home design is founded on the principle of minimalism and simplicity. However, this does not mean simplicity for simplicity’s sake. Every fixture and design choice serves a distinct function and is not just for show. This translates into modern country interior design perfectly. It comes with the main advantage of cutting out all the clutter that modern homes often get attributed with. For example, furniture in a country home also serves as storage for items such as documents and photo albums. Wall ornaments can be functional too. Artisanal brooms and fans are great examples of this. As for design, natural patterns like the wood grain that comes with the coffee table serve as sufficient decoration. Neutral colors accented by the warmth of wood hues breathe a subtle yet warm life into the walls and furniture.

Warm And Rustic Atmosphere

Rugs, blankets, knits, and tartans are trademarks of country-inspired design. They serve to give the home the bulk of its warm atmosphere. Checkered and striped patterns are time-honored favorites for bed sheets and tablecloths. The reds and oranges of woods like cherry add to the effect and provide the majority of its rustic feel too. Floral decor, standout prints, and brickwork are great additions to enhance its country charm. The layout of the home is another factor that invokes a cozy feeling in its residents and visitors. The rising popularity of ranch-style homes, which started as early as 2018, reflects this. According to some of the best Austin custom home builders, this is thanks to the open floor plans made famous by Spanish colonial homes in the American Southwest. This design theme is highly-favored for its free-flowing, hospitable feel.

Casual And Endearing Informality

Imperfections and signs of wear are held in high regard in-country design. When a household implement is worn but is still sturdy and serviceable, this means that it is of high quality. There is a profound informality with the trappings in a modern country-styled home. This was inherited from the country tradition of often entertaining friends and family. People’s houses were as good as their friends’ houses, and the atmosphere was decidedly casual.

You can think of it as similar to the worn chic aesthetic. But in modern country style, the wear in the furnishings is due to them actually having been used rather than being manufactured that way. Visit country yard sales and thrift stores for some pre-loved items to create that casual country atmosphere. Furniture and fixtures are chosen based on practicality instead of aesthetic consistency. Thus, many household implements end up mismatched. This further adds to the informal feel that country-inspired design is known for.

Wherever you may build it, these three pillars are what make a house a country-style home. Remember these as you are working on plans with architects and design professionals.