Why don’t I get pregnant?

Fertility, both female and male is a very complex process and depends on many factors including your diet is.

It’s true that if your partner conception problems exist, the diet does not guarantee you will get pregnant but it is certain to bring about proper eating habits before conception can help a lot, to you, your family and your future baby.

First of all, know that a good fertility largely depends on good nutritional habits have and that banish alcohol, caffeine and snuff besides keeping your stress in check.

 3 Tips to help you

  • A Balanced Diet Can Make You More Fertile. Dieting to lose weight for a long time and not controlled by a doctor or nutrition expert fertility can cause problems due to a lack of nutrients needed for the proper functioning of the reproductive system (selenium, calcium, iodine, iron, zinc and vitamins A , D, C, E and B1).
  • Reduce Alcohol Consumption. According to several studies, alcohol acts on your levels of prolactin, the hormone that regulates milk production and reduces the chances of getting pregnant.
  • Eat Goji Berries. These Tibetan berries are an endless source of micronutrients that improve your fertility because they are rich in omega 3 fatty acids are numerous, zinc, iron, and numerous antioxidants.

Si este no es tu problema, recuerda que igual al quedar embarazada tienes que cuidarte en lo que comes