A woman may spend an average of two minutes applying mascara to have voluminous eyelashes. That’s the last thing we put when we make up and strive increasingly to get voluminous eyelashes that look like immense brushes that enlarge our eyes.

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Somehow we, women, become obsessed with having long, beautiful and voluminous eyelashes, I don’t know, may has something to do the fact that they brighten up our eyes or just because we want to look pretty, either way, we love eyelashes like that.

There are many people who have a long curly eyelashes, worthy of admiration, but for those who have small eyelashes, like mine, I bring a few simple tricks to have a long voluminous eyelashes.

5 Natural tricks to get longer and voluminous eyelashes

  1. Olive oil: Apply olive oil before bed will keep well groomed , and make them flexible, resilient.
  1. Chamomile tea: Put some chamomile tea on a cotton and apply on the eyelashes. This will make your lashes more flexible and healthy.
  1. Castor oil: Some warm castor oil on the tips of your lashes every night will help have more abundant and voluminous eyelashes.
  1. Vaseline: Spread some Vaseline to add a natural look and give shine.
  1. Hyaluronic acid: To moisturize and make your lashes look hyaluronic acid stronger and healthier is your solution, besides also stimulates their growth.