I always like to share with you great tips, and today is not exception.

I found this nice infographic about body cleansing, I believe we should be clean not just on the outside but inside as well.

Among some tips you’ll find liver cleansing tips, some other that will help you lose weight and more.

Keep reading and find out!

Cleansing your body with raw food

  • Cost: from $30 to $200 a day, depending if you eat out or at home.
  • Do it if your goal is cleansing your skin and lose a bit of weight too.
  • Instructions: Consume only raw food for 7-10 days.
  • Acceptable meals: Raw vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and bean sprouts.
  • Experts recommend: No raw fish, dairy products, coffee and processed beverages.

With this cleansing you will get the sugar and fat out of your body resulting in better digestion of the fibers.

Guide for cleansing your body

Guide to Cleansing
Created by: www.MedicalAssistantCertification.com