5 Tips Para Aliviar las Bolsas en los OjosSwollen eyes. Eye bags make you look tired, exhausted and add a couple of years to your look. I will dedicate this post to all those mothers who always have to get up early, do house chores, and have office work to do.

  1. Metal spoon: take 3 metal spoons, and place them in a glass filled with water and ice. If they are silver spoon, it´s even better, since silver gets colder faster. However, you should be able to use metal spoons too. Let the spoons absorb the cold, and once they are at a temperature you feel you can bear, place them on your eyes.
  2. Cucumber: cucumber slices are not myths. The cucumber is perfect for your tired eyes. The slices you place on your eyes needs to be replaced every 10 minutes.
  3. Facial massage: you can do a facial massage using your fingers. Sometimes we retain water, and that makes our eye bags look bigger. Facial massages activate our blood circulation, which helps for a better irrigation and oxygenation.
  4. Lower your salt levels: if you eat too much salt, you will retain water. Try to eat less salt for a week, and you will see the changes in your eyes.
  5. Make up: I know that some women are always trying to look like porcelain dolls. But you need to choose a moisturizing make up. Try also not using concealers, since they do tend to have a drying effect in that area.