Mea culpa! Mea culpa! Mea culpa!

I’ve been a lifetime… moody. I don’t know it’s like if the Italian and the Spanish meet occasionally and fight with each other. I don’t even try to fight with them because my bad temper gets worse.

Through my own researches I have managed to calm them down, and have applied a variety of techniques that have helped me to deal with what they call… my bad temper. Yes, the volcano that explodes on me quickly! It’s like milk boiling quickly.

The only one saying my therapies don’t work, is my brother, who always makes me angry and I fight back. But I tell you, my techniques have worked, because we almost don’t fight anymore.

I think it may be that lately, I feign insanity, but the truth is that with these natural tips your bad mood will improve, and if not at least you’ll keep controlled!

Breathe! Breathing slowly and deeply several times can do wonders for the brain responses and your mood.

Focus on the present. Thinking about the future with anxiety or with guilt towards the past tends to worsen our mood.

Do not hold negative feelings. Try to visualize this: take a deep breath and imaginebreathing involves negative feelings. As you exhale, imagine the worries, frustrations or whatever anxiety you have goes away from you to be handled by a “higher power”.

Do something. Sometimes you can forget about the worries by doing something that distracts you from the problem, for example, organizing your desk, reading comics, anything that makes you think about something different.

Confess it. Talk to someone understanding can help to some extent.

Write it. If you have trouble letting go of negative emotions, try writing your feelings, as I just told you about my bad mood.

Take a break. Try to “escape” at least a few minutes and go to a private place where you can concentrate on your breathing.

Make an exercise you like. A brisk walk for 10 minutes can improve your mood, especially outdoors and during daylight. Or you can dance, to me it improves my mood a lot.

You can also take Bach Rescue Remedy is great for stress and that will lower your bad mood!