Gyms can be incredibly hostile places for people who aren’t used to working out. The ambiance could be overwhelming if you want to spend a long time on your routine. And for some women, the pressure of perfect bodies, the constant looks, and that we aren’t able to do what other do without any apparent effort, are the perfect excuses to return to the sedentary life.

Many people prefer working out in the open air, and that could be the best to start a more active life since it distracts your mind while you burn calories. Let’s see how you can benefit from some exercises that can be done anywhere:

Check out these 5 open air exercises you are going to love

  • Jogging: with just 30 minutes you can burn more calories (108) than in the jogging treadmill; besides, being in the open air exposes you to factor that will strengthen you like wind, soil conditions,etc.
  • Walking, perhaps the most enjoyable exercise that can be done outside because while you’re working out, you enjoy the view,or talk to people,or notice things that were there but you didn’t really pay attention to them. Walking burns in 30 minutes 80 or 90 calories approximately.
  • Dancing, If you have walked by a park and you have seen a lot of people working out at the sound of music, surely you have felt the urge to join them. The best of this is that it provides welfare to body and mind. An hour of dancing can burn 350 calories.
  • Yoga, Consuming fresh air, with a green and peaceful environment could be the perfect mix to achieve the connection with the mother earth and one’s own primary balance. A one-hour session can help you burn between 144 and 237 calories, depending on the type of yoga being practiced.
  • Exercise Bar, this type of exercises are cooler when they are done outside because they distract you from the pain and they allow you to make you 30-second rest more pleasurable, you can meet other people and make friends while toning your body.