Many of us love to roll up between the sheets right before going to sleep. We love to cover ourselves to protect us from the cold, and we’re even unable to let go of our favorite pajamas that have more holes than a sieve.

But this custom is not entirely beneficial for our health. According to various investigations, the ideal way is to sleep without clothing, that is, sleep naked.

Benefits of sleeping naked. Say goodbye to pajamas!

Experts in the field say that when you go to bed, the most favorable is undressing. With this we let our body to reach the indicated body temperature to achieve a deep and restful sleep.

In addition, sleeping naked improves sleep quality, decreases cortisol levels, and stress is considerably reduced.

Moreover, by descending our temperature, anti-aging hormone and melatonin is more easily released which helps to keep us young.

Some gynecologists say sleeping naked prevents the occurrence of certain infections such as candidiasis: a fungus that loves being in warm, dark environments. and various studies indicate that promotes fertility, since sperm cells produced by work best when body temperatures are lower than normal.

Sleeping naked, without clothes, with someone next to us, allows lower blood pressure: being in contact with the skin of another person, causes the release of oxytocin, a hormone that protects our heart, helps reduce stress, and reduces anxiety.

Finally, sleeping naked improves circulation and raises self-esteem, it makes us feel more comfortable with our bodies.

Don’t miss the opportunity to let go of all those clothes at bedtime. If during the day we can’t walk as God brought us into the world, take advantage of the night to free yourself from all that fabric.

Take off your pajamas, close your eyes and start dreaming.


Erika De Paz


¡A dormir sin pijama! Beneficios de dormir desnudos