Chromotherapy or color therapy is a method of harmonization and natural healing of certain diseases in your body through the colors.

A therapist in chromotherapy uses light in the form of color to balance your “energy” and this is used when a person’s body is lacking either on physical, spiritual, emotional or mental levels.

What is chromotherapy or color therapy?

Each color corresponds to a specific vibrations and every one of them has speeds, wave lengths and different rhythms which exert a physical, mental and emotional influence that we might be not aware of, taking us to a state that facilitates self-healing.

The goal of the treatment is to combat what’s altering the normal physical functioning, allowing our bioenergy field, or best known as Aura, to get in resonance with the color vibration (Source: enbuenasmanos).

  • Red: Stimulates blood circulation. It also stimulates the spirit.
  • Orange: Combat fatigue, improving the level of optimism.
  • Yellow: This is an “energetic” color that improves muscle tone and also the mind.
  • Green: Since it’s a tranquilizer, calmative color it helps to improve insomnia and nerves.
  • Blue: Is refreshing color with antiseptic properties, it provides peace and tranquility.
  • Violet: Used to combat states of anxiety or fear.
  • Purple: This color has hypnotic properties.
  • Magenta: This color helps to increase the blood pressure and combats the states of sadness.