The Halloween season comes with lots of candy, that for children becomes a feast of excess.he party, beyond the disguise, became a space expected by all to eat a lot of sugar. Everyone loves candies on Halloween.

But … What we are doing to the body when we eat so much sugar?

In children, sugar has a specific function that is energizing them. But too much sugar, especially in processed foods, can cause problems in their health and growth.

We don’t need to add processed sugar our diet, as we have in other healthier foods such as fruit, bread and pasta (the latter as carbohydrates). Pure sugar in large quantities provides a mismatch mechanisms governing body store and burn simple sugars, so it becomes really dangerous when we eat a handful of sugar (in the form of candy).

This imbalance can lead to liver problems, fatigue pancreas cells, promote fatness and diabetes.

Living without sugar is possible.Click here to see how it would be!

So, do you like candies on Halloween?

If you are going to let your children eat all those candies on Halloween at once … Think twice. These are the consequences of the sugar in the body:

  • Unbalance insulin levels in the blood and promotes fat storage: that is why sugar promotes obesity worldwide
  • Produce diabetes: The more sugar we eat our body produces more insulin. The lack of control of these levels can lead to malfunction of organs and processes to produce insulin.
  • Cause cavities: Cavities do not appear overnight … but we have our mouth bacteria feed on sugar, and is creating his acid decay.This is a feast for them!

Sugar is a kind of drug for the body … Are you going to let your child eat it all in one day? Read morea about some sugar facts here