I’m in a constant search for answers about what happens in my environment , and today I have the following question: eat well prevents cancer? Having a healthy lifestyle is in a way to prevent it , since obesity may increase the likelihood of developing cancer.

Factors such as overweight can affect the proliferation of cancer cells, hence the importance of eating healthily, taking care of the body weight and doing some physical activity .

For a healthy and balanced diet , you should avoid sugary drinks and fast foods , which don’t provide nutrients to your body . Include in your diet vegetables, fruits and cereals , limit the consumption of red meat , processed foods and salt in foods .

Drink water and eat foods rich in vitamin C contributing to the smooth functioning of your immune system.

Last but not least: you should always be alert to changes in your body . Touch yourself and consult a doctor if you notice that something is not right .

Eating right prevents cancer?

Checking the web, I found this interesting infographic: good news about cancer. It’s super clear and complete!

Even thought that are not specific things we can do to say “this prevents cancer”— I can assure you that eating well will always be a fantastic choice and will help you reduce the possibilities.