When you jog, do you feel sore throat, and even though drink water, that burning feeling continues?

The solution is simple!

First of all… Why does this sore throat happen?

When you breathe through your mouth, your body goes into “survival” mode because you think we’re losing a lot of carbon dioxide. The body starts producing goblet cells, which in turn produce mucus and have a constricting effect on the veins, slowing breathing and producing that sore throat.

We have to train our breathing. Breathing well is important and more while performing physical activity.

To avoid this inconvenience, the recommendations are very simple:

  • Perform breathing exercises daily, do not take more than 5 minutes.
  • Decreases your stress levels.
  • Be sure to sleep well.
  • Your diet should be balanced, because this can reduce heartburn, reflux and gastritis that irritates mucous membranes of the body.