It is very important to understand how our mind and spirit could produce a healthy body. Your body it’s an instrument of your spirit. Most healthy people are the happiest and


peaceful ones. Many psychological studies show that we hold in our subconscious unresolved problems. The best thing we could do for our spiritual health it’s to practice daily reflection in order to process our daily lives.
The following daily exercises could helpyou maintain a healthy spirit, take your time to practice as many as you can.

  1. Create the habit of reading spiritual books
  2.  Date yourself. Seat down to read your favorite book by yourself in a nice Café.
  3. Keep writing a personal journal with all your goals, dreams, problems andneeds.
  4.  Practice to walk in nature and take many deep breathes.
  5.  Silence is the most important exercise for spiritual health. Practice to listen to yourself.
  6. Search positive speakers that will help you to listen daily messages. For example, listen to Pastor Joel Osteen on line. His daily messages are full of positive hope for daily living.
  7. Practice Yoga or Pilates, both exercises help the balance of your body.
  8. Sing and Sing again all those songs you love. Spiritual songs are full of peace and joy.
  9. Dedicate time for your hobbies and keep building your talents.
  10. Take workshops that will build your self-esteem and knowledge.
  11. Refresh your spirit- find a spiritual place where you can communicate with your creator
  12. Forgive
  13. Keep growing in positive knowledge.
  14. Help others
  15. Always give a gift or donate something to the most needed ones.

Blog entry is a colaboration of Gina Suzanne Resto-Webb

The writer of Spiritual Health was born in Costa Rica. Started acting in TV commercials when she was only 10 years old and since then have been studying acting. For the last 25 years of his artistic life has been living between New York, Miami and Costa Rica acting for different productions.  She is working on her third Master’s degree for Educational Theater. After completing her first two master’s degrees in Spanish Literature and Bilingual Education she created Creative Language Workshops (creativelanguageworkshops.com)