It is no secret to anyone that I love tea. The benefits it brings are endless depending on their ingredients, and a good cup of tea brightens my day, hydrates the body and rejuvenates the soul. But, How is perfect cup of tea prepared? Its preparation requires a delicate ritual all, that it is no secret.

Misuse of time, temperature or ingredients, can ruin even the best and most delicate tea leaves. If like me you’re a fan of tea and make it at home, you might want to know the ancient secrets for preparing a good cup of tea.

The vital question is: For how long the tea needs to be boiled?

If you are someone who makes the tea, and you let it soak until the “water dye some color,” I want to let you know that you’ve probably been doing it wrong all this time.

The tea has a precise preparation time for the water to absorb the properties of tea leaves; It is why you must take care of the process from the temperature of the water to the bowl in which you prepare the infusion.

For how long does the tea needs to be boiled?

These tips will make you brew a perfect cup of tea:

  1. Choose a product of good quality. It’s important to ensure the quality of the leaf, which has a significant influence on the odor, color and flavor of the tea. Always choose products natural and organic brands
  2. The water should be warm, at a temperature between 85 and 90 ° C. If you prepare the tea with boiling water (100 ° C), shall engage the taste of tea, the leaves wither and have tea with bitter taste.
  3. Boil the water in a pan, not in a microwave. If you do it in a microwave, always remove the water before placing tea. This will make the perception of flavor is more intense. The recommendation is to let the water boil, then let stand a few minutes to acquire the perfect temperature.
  4. Do not heat the water with the tea bag. It is preferable to place the tea bag in the cup or teapot consumption, then pour the hot water over it. In case you have loose tea for infusions, also applies this technique.
  5. The ideal time to prepare a good tea is between 2 and 4 minutes. After this you must remove the tea bag or tea leaves. At this time we obtain all the benefits of the infusion: theanine, flavonoid, protein, tannins, etc. The perfect balance between taste, astringency and extraction is reached within this time period. Leave it for more than it can ruin the taste of tea.
  6. The additions are a matter of taste. Whether sugar, lemon or milk, it is up to you to know how to choose the companion of your tea.

How do you like to prepare your tea?