I’m always searching for the perfect kitchen. I want to move to a new house and among the many I’ve seen I’ve noticed that all the kitchens of the houses from 1925 are almost separated from common areas of the house.

The kitchen, as a family element, I’ve seen them in most modern homes. As I like open spaces, I always think about turning small spaces into larger spaces, and of course, ordered spaces.

How to make it happen? I’ll give you a few tips!

1. Paint it all of the same color: If you want to give your kitchen a different look, paint everything of the same color. If the tiles are yellow, paint the wall with a clear yellow. If they are dark green, then use a light green for the wall, in this way your eyes will unite the colors giving you the feeling is of a larger kitchen

2. Make a cleaning schedule: Prioritize the areas that require more attention and more frequent cleaning. Depending on the size of the kitchen, one day assigned for each area. Example: every other Monday, Refrigerator, pantry every third Tuesday and so it will be easier to clean.

3. Get rid of things that you don’t need: Do you really need 4 bottles of pepper? Put it all together into one or give one to your mom or friends.

4. Save on cleaning products: Purchase biodegradable and multi-use products. Save money and space.

5. Leave out whatever you use the most: If you have blender, food processor, juicer, etc. organize and leave out what you use the most. The rest, store it and get it out when you need and then store it again.