Nobody wants a funny smelling house, right? – Well it seems like that mission has just gotten a little easier and greener! Today I want to share 3 Natural Ways to Keep Your Home Smelling Fresh and nice!


Coffee Grounds

Have a musty closet? Put some coffee grounds in a filter, hang it on the rod and let its natural air cleaning abilities go to work. You can use grounds from your coffee maker, but you’ll want to dry them out before using them in this way. And if you’re not a coffee drinker, you might be able to score some free used grounds from your local Starbuck’s or independent coffee shop.


(Unused) Kitty Litter

Thought I should be clear about that since used kitty litter brings it own…odors to bear. Smells can’t compete with kitty litter composed of diatomaceous earth. (This is the critical ingredient.) This all-natural mineral has a number of great qualities, including the ability to absorb offensive odors. It’s also a great pest killer and humidity reducer. You can buy diatomaceous earth plain (not in litter) if that’s easier. You certainly don’t want to confuse your cat.

oliendo fresco


Yes, you did read that right. Vodka is composed of ethyl alcohol. This just happens to be the main ingredient in most commercial air fresheners (who knew?). The biggest plus to spritzing your home with vodka? No chemical odors from the “scents” manufactured to make your home smell nice. These perfumes can cause allergic reactions in sensitive people and trigger asthma attacks. There’s no lingering odor from vodka, so spraying it in the air will only eliminate odors. If you enjoy the hint of a pleasant scent, however, you can add up to 30 drops of essential oils to give your vodka a nice “finish.”

What other tips do you know to keep your house smelling good and fresh?