There is a dishwasher sponge in every house in the world, and it is most likely the most used utensil in your house’s kitchen since it is obvious that dishes need to be washed… But have you ever wondered if it is really hygienic?

Mmmm… a wet utensil that is used to clean, which we don’t disinfect very often… It must not be hygienic at all! If you want to disinfect your dishes after each meal, using a dirty sponge doesn’t seem like a good idea. I don’t lie when I tell you this is the dirtiest utensil you can find at home (including the toilet and the trash can)

Its main function is to remove the remainings of food and to leave your dishes impeccable. During this process the sponge absorbs these remainings, and added to humidity they created the perfect environment for the growth of microbes and bacterias. Disgusting!

You could get Salmonella, or even E.coli… You health might be seriously threatened is you don’t take the right measures to frequently disinfect your dishwasher sponge! It might seem ironic but you need to wash the utensil you use to wash… But it is absolutely necessary.

Tips to prevent your your dishwasher sponge to become a bacteria’s nest

  • Wash your sponge after doing the dishes with soap and water.
  • Have more than one sponge (while you wash one, you use the other, and so on).
  • Don’t use a sponge for more than one month. After this time, you need a new one..
  • The dishes that have animal fat, or lard clean them with a napkin or towelettes first to prevent it from sticking to your sponge.

How to disinfect your dishwasher sponge?

There is a simply way for you to do this at home to wash the sponge naturally:

  1. Immerse the sponge for 3 minutes in a solution with 10% of bleach. Then immerse it in lemon juice for 1 minute.
  2. Heat it for 1 minute in the microwave.
  3. Wash it in the dishwasher with a drying cycle (or manually and leave it dry before using it)