With the fast paced life we lead nowadays it’s sometimes very difficult to make a good food selection. Planning how you eat and balance your food is an important part to control your health.

Eating healthy means most of the time to make significant changes of what you normally eat.

Less Salt, More Life – Find out why


Choosing food with a high rating of fat, salt, and sugar, may increase the risk of suffering certain diseases like high pressure, diabetes, and overweight problems. Studies have shown how continuously consuming food with a high salt content, is directly related to increased blood pressure (hypertension).

Abusing high salt content food has also been related to gastric cancer, and osteoporosis. Consuming salt increases the sodium chloride contained in the human body, which causes calcium to be execrated by the urine of the woman in their postmenopausal phase. This may aggravate the osteoporosis suffered by these women.

To lower the consumption of salt in your diet, look for food with low sodium content.

Check the label of the products, and try not to buy the ones which contain 140mg or less sodium per portion. While cooking, try selecting those products which have not been processed, or try to flavor the food with spices, lemon, vinegar, or aromatic herbs.