One of the most trendy foods of the latest years. Sushi has migrated from its Japanese origin to every single place in the world. But… is it really healthy? Take this into consideration when eating it.

It is a common mistake to think that sushi is healthy just because it is fish, vegetables, and rice… How bad could it be? Some people even consider it the most healthy food, but is it right? It is undeniable that sushi provides a lot of nutrients and benefits for our bodies.

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But be careful… Today I share a guide of tips for the next time you eat sushi you can chose better and the most healthy for you!

  • Choose low sodium soy: sushi does already have salt, because rice vinegar is added to it along with salt in order to keep the texture.
  • Remember that rice is carbohydrates: There are option that don’t contain rice and are delicious, or you can always ask if they have rolls made with integral rice, so you keep fiber as you enjoy the flavor.
  • Careful with the ingredients: things like philly cheese, things made out of mayo, or breaded can make you roll turn into a fat bomb full of carbohydrates and not at all healthy. Choose rolls that have avocado, which is a healthy fat.
  • No fritter: They are delicious… I know. But they make us put on so much weight! Try not to eat tempered, or anything that has oil. If you want to have a crunchy touch add cucumber or radish.
  • Try sashimi: This is an option of pure protein and it is low fat (for those who are on a strict diet regime). Super delicious and healthy!

Now you know that the key to enjoy sushi comes in finding the healthy options, be smart and try new things.